Introducing Peppy Galore

Here at cocktail pr we are delighted we be working with Peppy Galore, a fabulous skin care company bringing an element of fun to the daily beauty routine. Handmade using natural, skin loving formulations this young at heart brand promotes beauty that stems from being happy and is for the modern women, who takes good care of herself but doesn’t take life too seriously!

Peppy Galore has created a range of products for two specific skin types ~ sensitive/dry and oily/blemish prone:

Diva (sensitive/dry skin) for skin that loves to complain! It doesn’t like the weather, has a whole list of ingredients that it disagrees with and gets easily irritated and becomes itchy, blotchy and often very red.

Rebel (oily/blemish prone skin) for skin that likes to cause trouble at the most inconvenient of times. Don’t punish it with a hard scrub but give it some tlc ~ tea tree, love and care.

The products include a cleansing oil (£14.95), toner (£9.95) and facial moisturiser (£12.50) all available from

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