PR is not just about press releases

If I had a pound for every time I was asked “can you write me a press release?” I would be a very rich woman! For some reason many people think that press releases are essential for PR and they’re the only way to get media coverage. Well, let me tell you – I seldom write press releases and still get my clients lots of lovely coverage – my job is all about the visuals and chatting.

I am not saying that press releases are redundant but for some routes they are just not needed. Obviously, if you have something newsworthy to say then a press release will be needed but it MUST be newsworthy and not just an overview of your business and/or product range.

The majority of businesses that approach cocktail pr want product placement PR – their products featured on the editorial pages of the press. For this journalists just want to see the images as they have generally planned their stories and it’s just a matter of finding the right product shots to feature. So, whether they’re looking for red lipsticks, metallic shoes or cool looking candles – it’s the images they want not a press release.

I have had journalists contact me and ask for nude products, sheer sleeve dresses and soaps containing tea. They don’t want a press release just the image, price and stockist – though in some cases it is good to add a sentence or two in the email about the actual product.

Take a look at the coverage below – none of this needed a press release.

product placement coverage

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