cocktail appointed to represent Ochre Body & Skin

We are delight to be working with Ochre Body & Skin, a new brand offering a range of body and hair care products (body washes, lotions, scrubs, shampoos and conditioners) that are formulated with sea minerals, natural oils and butters and essential oils to condition and enrich skin. The range is grouped into four collections – Harmonise, Enliven, Awaken and Cherish, each identified by a blend of essential oils known for their therapeutic effects.

Harmonise with geranium and lavender. Soak up this richly conditioning and nourishing blend of lavender and geranium, working in harmony to balance the body’s natural oils and hydrate skin. Soothing, calming and uplifting, Harmonise works wonders for any skin or hair type.

Enliven with rosemary and peppermint. Experience a fresh start for mind and body with this zingy combination of rosemary and peppermint. Nourishing the scalp, conditioning skin and encouraging cell renewal, Enliven benefits skin and hair as well as leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and energized.

Awaken with black pepper and lemon. Kick-start the day and let this sharp injection of citrus and spice help to focus the mind. A zesty, bracing, pick-me-up based on the uplifting combination of black pepper and lemon, Awaken helps clarify and detox, improving both skin and muscle tone.

Cherish with cedarwood and patchouli. Float away on this heady, sensuous duo of cedarwood and patchouli to calm the mind, soothe nerves and lift spirits. The warming, healing Cherish blend of oils helps balance, tone and revitalise, encouraging renewal and regeneration for any skin type.

The products are priced between £14 and £24 and available from

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