Plush Folly joins the cocktail pr family of clients

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Plush Folly to the cocktail family of clients.

Plush Folly is a fabulous cosmetic training company based in the village of Hampton, Middlesex teaching people how to make their own cosmetics and home fragrance. Walking through the doors of the workshop you are greeted by the aroma of a concoction of essential oils and smiles of a friendly team.

The creator and inquisitive mind behind Plush Folly is cosmetic guru and author Sally Hornsey. Fuelled by an obsession with makeup and perfume, Sally taught herself to make natural skincare products and ran a successful soap and cosmetic business for many years. However, it was the buzz of showing others how to create products that Sally really loved and so Plush Folly opened its doors for Sally to share her knowledge.

Plush Folly offers over thirty courses from making perfume, skincare, mineral makeup and candles, all available as practical workshops or home study. Each course is fun, informative and a balance between theory and practical hands-on exercise. The cosmetics workshops and distance learning courses take students through a step by step ‘how to make it’ process and includes vital information and techniques that only come from years of practice and experience. By the end of a Plush Folly training course, students will have designed and made a range of beautiful cosmetics, skincare and candles.

For those that want to experiment at home Plush Folly has created a range of kits that are the perfect taster to make your own cosmetics. From body scrubs, lip gloss, perfume, soap and candles there is something for everyone. The kits have simple to follow instructions and all the ingredients needed to make a fresh, natural product.

So whether you want to join a soap making class, are interested in making natural skincare products, want to learn how to make cosmetics at home, or simply want to have fun with a ‘make your own cosmetics’ kit – Plush Folly is the place to go.

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