How to: Applying Natural Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is becoming increasingly popular and a hot beauty trend for 2012-13. Loose makeup products are applied differently than pressed products, so we asked top beauty brand Samina Pure Makeup for their top tips on how to effectively apply mineral makeup to achieve a flawless and natural complexion.

Step 1 –Concealer
Using a slightly damp concealer brush (a clean eye shadow brush will do the job just as well) apply foundation in a shade lighter than your skin tone to your under eye circles. As the under eye area is incredibly delicate, use light soft strokes – paying particular attention to the inner corners of your eyes and blending well. Use the same method to even out skin tone around the nose and mouth area.

Step 2 – Foundation
Foundation instantly lifts and brightens your skin giving complexion an instant glow but finding your individual colour can be quite difficult. The best way to match your perfect shade of foundation to your skin colour is to apply a few shades to your jaw line; the one which completely disappears and blends in with your skin tone, is the shade for you.

To apply foundation, start by shaking a small amount of Samina Pure Instant Glow minerals into the lid of the jar. Using a Kabuki brush, twirl the brush around the lid to pick up the foundation and tap off any excess. Then starting at the outside of your face lightly applying the foundation in circular motions, working inward towards the eyes and nose before sweeping over your forehead, nose and chin area.

Step 3 – Cheeks
A simple rule for applying blush to cheeks is to smile when you apply it. Why? Smiling is the best way to find the apples of your cheeks. To give your cheeks a pop of colour, using a blush brush sweep on a tiny few crumbs of Samina Pure Instant Glow Blush in light strokes and blend upwards and back towards your hairline for a soft natural application.

Step 4 – Eyes

To keep your eye shadow in place, lightly brush your eyelids with Samina Pure foundation, as this acts as a prep and holds colour in place for hours. Apply a light colour of eye shadow from your lash line to your brow line; next sweep a medium colour eye shadow to the lower lids and take the colour to your crease line.

If you want to add some drama to your eyes, apply a dark shade such as Metal or Arabian Nights on the outer corners of your eyes taking the colour into the crease of your eyes and blending well to ensure you don’t have any hard lines. Then take a fine shadow or eyeliner brush and draw a soft line of the dark eye shadow under the eyes drawing as close as possible to the lower lashes. Complete with eyeliner and two coats of mascara.

Step 5 – Lips
For luscious lips firstly draw a line by following the natural shape of your lip line; don’t be tempted to change your natural lip line, as this looks fake! Keep the liner to your own lip colour and then apply lipstick using a lip brush, blot and reapply for longer lasting colour. To give your look instant glamour and make your pout appear fuller, simply add a dab of gloss to the centre of your lips.

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