What to look for in a PR agency

We know that appointing a PR agency is a big step. You are putting your brand in someone else’s hands as they become the voice and face of the brand when introducing and selling it to the press. So, having a PR agency that you connect with and will represent your brand in the best possible light is a must. Here are a few things we suggest you consider when deciding what agency to put your business with.

* It is worth looking at agency that specialises in the field you operate in. Many agencies have specialities like fashion PR, beauty PR or travel PR for example. This means you should be in safe hands because the agency should have the contacts and relationships to get your brand out there and in the press.

* Consider the size of the agency and don’t be swayed by big name clients. Signing with a larger agency may mean you are a small fish in a big pond when it comes to their client roster. Opting for a smaller agency with similar size clients means that you are more likely to be valued.

* Check out the agencies credentials ~ they should have a strong portfolio of recent coverage, glowing testimonials and reassuring case studies. Ask about the length of time clients have worked with the agency, it is always positive to have an agency dedicated to its clients.

* As with anything, first impressions count and whether the first contact is by email, telephone or a face to face meeting you should feel confident in the agency and at ease. A PR agency that is late for appointments or sounds stressed/ unorganised when answering the phone never bodes well. If the agency can’t create a good image for itself, how is it going to for your brand.

* You have to put your trust and confidence in the agency so making sure the fit is right. The agency should be enthusiastic about the brand and the products and/or services you offer. They should give you and your brand the attention it deserves ~ listen to proposals, batting around new ideas and giving feedback to new products and strategies.

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