The first BIG hit

cocktail pr was born in September 2008 and as you know I had just one client, Cottons Beauty. I was determined to get them some great coverage – not only would it be fantastic for them but for me too. It would build my confidence as I started out, strengthen the cocktail portfolio and prove that I could make a noise about my client in a super competitive industry.

The first month bought lovely web reviews and local features and also my first BIG hit! For those of you that don’t work in PR – the monthly magazines work about three month in advance. It was in October/November that I secured a fabulous piece of coverage in Woman & Home for Cottons to be published in the February 2009 issue. Getting a full page, with an interview and images in glossy monthly gave me a huge confidence boost – I knew that I was going to be ok and cocktail was going to be a success!

On the day the magazine came out, I rushed to the local shop heart pounding and feverishly flicking through the pages to find it and there it was a fabulous piece of PR, if ever I had seen one!

The excitement of seeing a client in print is still there today – just like the clients I am elated to see them in their ‘wish list’ magazine and am just as gutted if something gets pulled or doesn’t make the cut. I think it is really important that a PR shares the passion for the clients business and has these feelings. It really matters to me that I do good job and I think it shows in the way I work, the length of time client stay with cocktail and the relationship I have with them.

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