Sisterly support

When I told people what I had done, their general response was “What, you are joking?!”

Mum and Dad were concerned that I had just bought a house and had a huge mortgage to pay, not to mention all the bills too. People I had previously worked with told me that I shouldn’t have been so rash and had I really thought about what I was doing.

Even though I was really nervous, after all I was leaving a secure job with a regular wage but I was confident that I could make it work too. There was one person that shared my confidence and has been there and supported me all the way – my sister, Laura.

Me and my sis!

Laura wasn’t really surprised when I told that I was leaving to set up my own agency. She knew I had drive and entrepreneurial spirit and it was just a matter of time before I took the leap into the unknown, though she wasn’t expecting it so soon! Yes, she mentioned the mortgage too (we bought the house together) but it was to say she could help out if things got tight.

The ideas, support and critique Laura gave me throughout the four weeks I had to decide what sort of agency I wanted to be, names, packages and fees was invaluable. We would sit up into the early hours talking through ideas and because I am very much led by my heart Laura would be the reason – telling me if something didn’t quite fit or sound right. Even now, three years on Laura still helps me with campaign ideas, writing those tricky emails, a second pair of eyes to glance over a press release and always has an eye out for potential clients.

Having support when starting a business is super important. Yes, you need someone to question things sometimes but overall it is about giving you the confidence to go and get what you want and that’s exactly what Laura does for me!

Thanks sis! x

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