It’s all in a name

Choosing a name for a business is probably one of the hardest things. It has to be something that can be easily said (so no made up words), memorable and reflects the business and what it does.

yum! Strawberry Daiquiri

Right from the off I knew I wanted to call my agency cocktail – wasn’t sure if it was going to be communications or PR, but that was just a minor detail, but definitely cocktail. I love cocktails so the name was a reflection of me but also PR which is about a mix of things – just like a cocktail. Hence our tag line, we get the mix right.

I was loving the name, Laura was loving the name and then thanks to Simon (you know who you are!) a little seed of doubt was planted in my mind. “So,” he says “When you call up, you are going to say Hi – its Louise Cox calling from cocktail pr?” Err, well yeah! “Don’t you think there are too many cox/cocks, in that?!”

I didn’t want people to think I was having a laugh, so I went back to the drawing board. Laura and I sat up late into the night thinking of names and then crossing them of the list as we discovered another PR agency called it or because fudge gave out the wrong signal!

After days of not hitting the right note – I took the plunge and decided on cocktail – I had my heart set on it from the start. I hoped that my emails wouldn’t be caught in spam filters and it makes me giggle when an invoice comes through and our account number is cock! But it’s a little price to pay for the perfect name. Oh and I know what you are wondering…what do I say when I call people – “Hi – it’s Louise from cocktail!”

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